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30598fennel for export 30598fennel for export
Tea Grade: BOPF black tea This is Most popular and consuming tea grade in black tea category. mostly used in tea packets as well as string and tags tea bag. Thia fannings tea grades are...
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32738fennel for export 32738fennel for export
Black olives Greek style the natural taste of black olive. Tender and fleshy olives that have their followers! To enjoy as an aperitif and also to use in cooking. Pizzas, homemade tapenades, salads,...
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H2 Cinnamon Cinnamon Grade: H2 Ceylon cinnamon H2 grade is next to H1 grade. it shows very similar attributes to H1 grade. this grade has 90% of golden yellow good quality cinnamon sticks. Our...
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30564fennel for export 30564fennel for export
Daintree Vanilla - Vanilla Salt
Overview Blended with Australian grown sugar, our Vanilla Sugar offers a wide range of uses to add flavour and panache to your next creation. The vanilla beans are ground finely and the whole bean...
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32524fennel for export 32524fennel for export
Black Pepper
Spice Chest wants to bring the fragrances and flavours of the spice island, Sri Lanka, to your kitchen. We would love to be part of your culinary adventure by supplying you with the world’s best...
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30734fennel for export 30734fennel for export
Tea Grade: Pomegranate Delight Ingredients: Apple pieces, Orange peel, hibiscus blossoms, blackberry leaves, almonds, cinnamon, cranberry slices, rose petals, pomegranate arils Pomegranate Delight...
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30974fennel for export 30974fennel for export
Venui Plantation – Peppercorn White
Available in: 80 grams white peppercorn 500 grams net Vacuum sealed in re-sealable zip-lock soft pouch. Product of Vanuatu Gross weight: 130g Air-mail shipment not included – Please allow ~3 weeks...
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32442fennel for export 32442fennel for export
Passion Fruit Puree
Specification Brix:13 to up Acidity:3.0 - 5.0 pH:3.2 Color:Orange Yellow Standard Packing Type Drum:200Kgs net Carton box:10 - 20Kgs Plastic pail:18Kgs Retail block:2Kgs, 3Kgs
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olive oil
olive oil Olive oil is the natural oil obtained from olives, the fruit of the olive tree. The oil is produced by pressing whole olives. Plays a big part of the Mediterranean diet, and people now eat...
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32151fennel for export 32151fennel for export
Valerian root Valeriana root
English Name: Valerian root/ Valeriana root Chinese Name: Xie cao Latin Name: Valeriana officinalis L. Specification : (100% All Natural, No preservatives added) With rootlet & without rootlet...
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IQF Vegetables – Green Beans
Packing Scale 1×10 kg / Carton. 1×20 kg / Carton. 4×2.5 kg / Carton. 20×400 kg / Carton. 1×20 lb. 1×30 lb. Totes Packing and packaging can be customized according to client’s request Types
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30538fennel for export 30538fennel for export
UD. SUMBER LANCAR - Indonesian Extraction Grade Vanilla Bean
Description : Dark Brown/ Black Color, Oily, Strong Aromatic, No Mould Quality : G1/G2/G3/EP Moisture Content : Max 15-18% Vanilla Container: As Per Customer Preference Packaging: New Carton bag...
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