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Astralis Agricultural Consultancy
Astralis is an Agricultural Consultancy Company that specializes in Crisis Management. With our track record of assisting investors in handling distressed assets and managing issues surrounding the...
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Expert Consultancy Services
Project Management Since inception, we have provided numerous clients with top-of-the-line project management services. By assuring the highest standards of project management, we have garnered a...
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Asesor food
About Asesorfood   We are pioneer in the dairy industry & offer consultancy to dairy & Food manufacturer . We provide project management Consultancy for the Design and Installation of...
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" WE ARE MORE THAN A PRODUCT SUPPLIER " SinaTeb is a partner...
No company can hope to succeed at everything, you can rest easy and transfer the job from A to Z to us. Accelerating the process, containing posting the product sample and the laboratory analyze for...
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Tea Consulting and Export Services
The diverse tea industry of Sri Lanka can be confusing for businesses to navigate. From planting to tea harvesting, production to packaging, each step requires meticulous care and expertise. At...
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Cacao Tales Consultancy
We passionately believe that our best cacaos, is as diverse as, the smallholder cacao farmers that harvest, ferment and sun dried our ultra-premium single state micro lots and award winning cacaos...
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Seaweed Consulting
Seaweed Farming as a Feedstock for the Bioeconomy Seaweed Farming at the lowest trophic level, using only sunlight and nutrients from the sea and taking up CO2, have a neutral carbon footprint and...
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Cinnamon Consulting & Export Services
Ceylon cinnamon is made from the thin inner bark of the Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume tree and is native to the “Spice Island” of Sri Lanka. It is often not easy to ensure the product quality and...
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